The MAXON SMARTLINK® Intelligent Valve Actuator Assembly provides a high degree of precision, repeatability, and commissioning flexibility for industrial flow control. The compact design of this flow control valve is ruggedly built with FM, CE, and CSA approvals for outdoor, weatherproof installations. The SMARTLINK® actuator is also FM approved for hazardous area applications in mills, refineries and other plants.

SMARTLINK® provides easy, on-site customization of the valve flow characteristic allowing users to "shape" valve response to their needs. This feature makes it an ideal solution for parallel valve positioning systems in combustion control applications.

The SMARTLINK® flow control valve assembly includes both a Valve Actuator direct-coupled to a valve and a Control Interface unit between the Valve Actuator and the user's process controller, PLC, or DCS. Each gas valve is continuous duty and fully adjustable to 0.1 degree accuracy to provide dynamic control of burner ratios for optimal performance.

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