Горелки комбинированные MEGAFIRE®

The MEGAFIRE® Oil Fired Burner provides clean burning of #2 oil, propane, or natural gas with quiet operation and exceptionally low horsepower requirements. Standard heat releases are available to 45,000,000 BTU/hr (13,000 kW), providing excellent application flexibility. Dual fuel capability provides reliable heat to kilns, dryers, process heaters and many other industrial applications.

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Горелка газовая WIDE-RANGE®

MAXON's WIDE-RANGE® Industrial Burner burns most low-pressure gaseous fuels, including low-Btu waste gases and hydrogen. No other gas burner provides such a stable, reliable platform for combusting waste gases, digester gases, landfill gases, or refinery gases as the WIDE-RANGE®. Maximum application flexibility is provided with eight sizes and capacities up to 13,500,000 Btu/hr (3950 kW).

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Горелки газовые VORTIFLARE® серии G

VORTIFLARE® Industrial Burners burn most clean, low pressure gaseous fuels or #2 fuel oil with only 8-16 osi (35-70 mbar)combustion air pressures. The VORTIFLARE® short flat flame permits larger loadings of furnaces while eliminating flame impingement and reducing hot spotting. Mounting flexibility allows installation in side wall or roof, through thick or thin soft wall refractory construction.

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Горелки газовые рекуперативные UNI-RAD®

MAXON's UNI-RAD® Radiant Tube Burner produces an extremely stable and luminous flame that maximizes heat transfer throughout radiant tube furnaces. Flame ignition is maintained by a patented continuous spark system that ensures ignition each and every time without fragile, porcelain ignitors. This patented ignition system enables UNI-RAD® to pulse fire radiant tubes producing longer tube lives for reduced furnace ownership expense.

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Горелки комбинированные MULTIFIRE®

MULTIFIRE® Industrial Burners incorporate a nozzle-mix refractory block design capable of "on-ratio" firing over a broad range of operating conditions. The dual fuel capability allows MULTIFIRE® Burners to fire on either gas or oil. Maximum application flexibility is provided with five different sizes and "on-ratio" capacities up to 17,500,000 Btu/hr (5120 kW) per burner. In addition, MULTIFIRE® Gas Burners atomize fuel oils with low pressure combustion air eliminating the need for compressed air or steam.

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Горелки комбинированные KINEMAX® серии G и C

KINEMAX® Industrial Burners provide a higher velocity discharge that promotes stirring within your furnace to improving both temperature uniformity and workload penetration. When used in conjunction with MAXON's MICRORATIO® Control Valves, a KINEMAX® Natural Gas Burner may be adjusted to fire on-ratio throughout the firing range or set to give a choice between on-ratio and excess air or excess fuel firing. As high as 4700% excess air is possible at minimum capacity.

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Горелки газовые KINEDIZER®

  • Field proven low emissions. State-of-the-art low NOx firing - adjustable for application
  • Lower NOx and less excess air than standard KINEDIZER® burners
  • Rugged design for oxidizers, process heaters, kilns, furnaces, dryers, waste incineration and
    other high temperature applications
  • Available in a wide range of capacities, each with turndown as high as 20:1
  • Burns natural gas, propane or other fuel gases
  • Provides excellent stirring and mixing with its medium velocity exhaust
  • Accepts preheated and vitiated combustion air

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Горелки газовые KINEDIZER® Low NOx

The KINEDIZER® Industrial Burner is a nozzle-mixing medium-velocity design. Using advanced mixing technology, this gas burner produces low emissions of NOx and CO with very little excess air. Ruggedly built with a reinforced refractory block and steel burner body and nozzle, it burns natural gas, propane or other fuels. The rugged design is ideal for oxidizers, process heaters, kilns, furnaces, and other high-temperature applications.

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Горелки комбинированные OVENPAK® 500

The OVENPAK® 500 natural gas burner burns clean fuel gases, light oils, or both at the same time. This industrial burner provides clean combustion with low NOx levels while maintaining exceptional turndown for precise temperature control in a wide variety of processes which include ovens and dryers, paint finishing lines, grain dryers, paper and textile machines, coffee roasters, food baking ovens, and fume incinerators.

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