Инжекторы VENTITE™

VENTITE™ Inspirators provide a low-cost means of supplying air/gas mixture to premix-type gas burners. Gaseous fuel under high pressure is introduced through a drilled spud orifice into the venturi throat, pulling in a proportional amount of combustion air. The air and gas are mixed and may be used to supply most premix-type industrial burner nozzles.

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Вентиляторы для подготовки смеси PREMIX®

PREMIX® Blower Mixers provide a convenient, flexible method of supply premixture for a variety of industrial burners. Air for combustion is drawn in through the ratio valve where it can be throttled. That same ratio valve includes a gas butterfly valve cross linked to the air valve. A multiple-screw cam design permits fuel flow to be matched to air flow at each firing position. This gives excellent control and allows on-ratio firing through wider operating ranges than venture mixers can provide.

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Смесители Multi-Ratio™

Thorough blending of the air / gas mixture for all MAXON premix burner systems is provided in our Multi Ratio Mixing Tubes. Most clean, low pressure gases may be used in these mixers. These Mixing Tubes can offer localized mixing of pre-proportioned air and fuel to single or multiple industrial burner systems. A wide range of capacities provides flexibility within your applications.

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Смесители MG

  • Air/fuel gas mixing devices for use with all MAXON burner systems to provide thorough blending of air/gas mixture.
  • Mixing tubes are available for mixing air/natural gas, tubes with special inserts for air/LPG, and any other combination of gasses.
  • Operates with low air and fuel pressures.
  • May be used with single or multiple burner systems.
  • The mixing tubes combine fuel jet mixing, vortex mixing and swirl mixing to guarantee best mixture homogeneity.
  • Flanged air inlet and mixture outlet to meet the most stringent codes for fuel gas piping connections.
  • 100 % carbon steel, optional available in 100 % stainless steel.

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Смесители LG

Series "LG" Mixing Tubes provide thorough blending of the air/gas mixture for all MAXON premix industrial burner systems. Most clean, low pressure gases may be used. When combined with a combustion air blower and MAXON MICRO-RATIO® flow control valve, the "LG" Mixing Tube can offer localized mixing of pre-proportioned air and fuel to single or multiple burner systems. A wide range of capacities provides application flexibility.

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Смесители HG

Using the kinetic energy of higher gas pressures, the Series "HG" Mixing Tube provides a thoroughly blended air/gas mixture. The higher gas pressure allows use of a lower pressure combustion air blower. In combination with a MAXON MICRO-RATIO® flow control valve and combustion air blower, the "HG" Mixing Tube can provide localized mixing of air and fuel to single or multiple industrial burner systems. Adjustment is simple through single point proportioning.

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Расходомер (счетчик расхода газа) SMARTLINK® Meter

  • Precise, repeatable mass flow measurement for fuel, air and combustion streams
  • Displays instantaneous standard rate and totalized flow without calculations
  • Advanced temperature compensation extends accuracy over wider ranges of fluid temperatures
  • Thermal mass flow technology provides reliable measurements with no moving parts
  • Thermal mass flow metering provides  outstanding accuracy over a wide turndown range
  • Redundant meter functions provide “on-line” self-checking  to ensure safe operation and to provide fail-safe alarm output
  • Monitors, displays, and outputs air/fuel ratio when two meters are electrically “linked” to each other
  • On board memory totalizes flow without batteries or external equipment
  • In-line flow body incorporates conditioning screens to reduce straight-run piping requirements and eliminates many installation problems common to insertion type meters
  • Large, convenient local display for ease of use.  No PC or other interface necessary for configuration and operation
  • Fail-safe alarm, limit and analog outputs for easy integration into PLC or DCS systems
  • Factory Mutual (FM) approved for Hazardous Locations, Class 1, Division 2 Groups A,B,C, and D and Class 1, Zone 2, Group IIC

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