Система управления расходами для процессов горения SMARTFIRE®

SMARTFIRE® is a turnkey, mass flow air/fuel ratio control system for use with MAXON's natural gas and oxygen fired burners, especially those designed for low-emission applications like our OPTIMA SLS®, KINEDIZER®, CYCLOMAX®, OXY-THERM® industrial burners. The flow control valve system is comprised of five components that integrate easily with a conventional burner management system and pipe train.

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Регуляторы соотношения с сервоприводом SMARTLINK® MRV

Today's advanced industrial burner systems minimize emissions while maximizing efficiency. Advanced combustion systems require advanced ratio control through a high degree of precision, repeatability and durability. SMARTLINK® MRV flow control valves provide that control and more. An electronic parallel positioning system for air/fuel ratio control, SMARTLINK® MRV is the industry standard in gas valves when operational reliability and precision are required.

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Дисковые затворы и шаровые краны с сервоприводом SMARTLINK® DS

The SMARTLINK® DS provides highly accurate positioning, with continuous duty, maintenance-free operation. The SMARTLINK® DS offers many advantages and flexible feature configurations, making it well-suited for a myriad of industrial applications. It is a general purpose control actuator designed for the precise control of air, fuel, gas, steam, chemicals and liquids for industrial combustion applications, as well as for general industrial process control applications.

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Дисковые затворы и шаровые краны с сервоприводом SMARTLINK® CV

The MAXON SMARTLINK® Intelligent Valve Actuator Assembly provides a high degree of precision, repeatability, and commissioning flexibility for industrial flow control. The compact design of this flow control valve is ruggedly built with FM, CE, and CSA approvals for outdoor, weatherproof installations. The SMARTLINK® actuator is also FM approved for hazardous area applications in mills, refineries and other plants.

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Регуляторы соотношения расходов MICRO-RATIO®

MICRO-RATIO® Flow Control Valve assemblies are used for air, gas and oil proportioning control. The multiple screw cam assembly provides mechanical adjustment capabilities to the air/fuel ratio at each valve position throughout the entire capacity range of your industrial burner system. Throttling range of this gas valve is fully adjustable and designed to operate over the extremely wide turndown capabilities of MAXON's modern burner systems.

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Дисковые затворы серии CV и BV

MAXON's Series "CV" Flow Control Valves incorporate a full-flow, fixed gradient butterfly valve design for high capacities at low pressure drops, using minimum operating torque. Series "BV" Balancing Valves are used to balance gas or air flows in multiple-burner systems fed by a common manifold. These gas valves feature a full-flow butterfly design with provision for locking in any position. Both flow control valves are used for air, gas and oil proportioning control.

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Дисковые затворы серии А

MAXON's A Style Synchro flow control valve bodies are designed to meet ANSI flange specifications. High pressure rating flow control valves are available in cast iron, carbon steel and brass bodies. SYNCHRO Gas Valves may be used independently for individual adjustable gradient fuel flow control, or in tandem with other fuel and air control valves for more sophisticated multi-zone control or multi-fuel applications.

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