620 Вспомогательные компрессоры (бустеры) Hermetic Booster

Eclipse Hermetic Boosters are used to increase the pressure of any gas or air/gas mixture not corrosive to aluminum or steel. They deliver gas at any volume within the capacity range of the booster with a relatively constant pressure. These boosters are UL listed when handling natural or manufactured gases. [The discharge pressure is the total of the booster added pressure plus incoming gas pressure.]

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630 Установки для повышения давления газа BoostPak

The Eclipse BoostPak is a reliable, cost-effective packaged solution for pumping natural gas supply pressures up to meet the requirements of high-performance combustion equipment. The BoostPak is factory assembled, wired, and tested by Eclipse. That means all Eclipse BoostPaks are shipped and ready for field power and gas connections. Units are available with flow rates from 2 CFH to 100,000 CFH and outlet pressures from 3"w.c. to 3 psig. Higher capacities are available for specific applications.

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