826 Автоматы контроля пламени Bi-Flame

Now you can conveniently monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot dual-burner applications with computerized reliability and precision.

Eclipse Bi-Flame Monitoring Systems are specifically engineered to control the startup sequence and monitor the flame of two individual gas, oil or combination gas/oil burners sharing a common valve train. Bi-Flame controls two flames as a single burner and is the ideal solution for controlling burners that must operate as a pair.

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835 Автоматы управления горелкой T600 Flame Safeguard

The T600 Flame Safeguard from Eclipse offers the most flexible, cost effective solution for burner control anywhere in the world. T600 is a single burner controller for use with direct or indirect-fired furnace or oven applications that require globally approved flame safety systems. T600 provides more of the features, options, and versatility users need, including programming flexibility, scalability and advanced diagnostics. It operates with a flamerod or UV scanner without changing models or modules. Program sequences and operating times can be customized to provide exacting burner control in virtually any application. T600 supports intermittent or continuous operation. Optional Modbus or Profibus communication is available to provide details at the operator’s location. T600 models are available with or without an integrated display.

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836 Датчики пламени T600 UV

The UV 41HE high sensitivity flame detector responds to UV radiation from a flame and provides a simulated ionization signal to the T600 flame safeguard. The UV 42 flame detector responds to radiation and provides a 230 VAC signal to the second flame detector input of the T600. The UV 41HE and UV 42 are CE listed, CSA certified, FM approved and are only for use with T600-series flame safeguards. Both UV scanners are suitable for intermittent operation. For use in continuous operation applications, the UV 4x EM 1/1 self-check shutter module can be paired with either detector.

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852 Датчики пламени Veri-Flame UV (СНЯТЫ С ПРОИЗВОДСТВА)

This sensor features high sensitivity ultraviolet (U.V.) for monitoring gas or oil flames which cycle on and off frequently. The Eclipse flame safeguard checks for a short-circuited, or "run-away" scanner at the beginning and end of each flame cycle. The scanner is UL listed, CSA certified and FM approved. It comes with a 6 foot cable lead. Safeguarded against reverse connection, the 90° U.V. Scanner operates with 6000 Series Multi-Flame and 6500 Series controllers.

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